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If you wish to commission art, bespoke furniture or get anything handmade or digitally manufactured visit Commission it.

All art commissions from abstract art commissions to portrait art commissions available.

Abstract Art London was founded in 2015 founded by Amin Saleem who is an amateur abstract artist and has a passion for abstract art.

Amin is also the CEO of award winning, an online reverse auction business that has taken over £220m in orders and has built an outstanding reputation over the last 12 years www.autoebid.com

Our focus is on 20th century & early 21st century abstract oil paintings by artists that are not necessary fashionable but good quality unique work by mainly established artists who may not have achieved acclaimed recognition by the art world.

The types of works we aim to specialise in are Abstract Expressionism, Colour Field, Lyrical abstraction, Cubism, Surrealism, Minimalism, futurism, Fauvism & Street Art. We intend to focus on middle-east political art.

Abstract Art London is located at 105 Heathwood Gardens, London SE7 8ET, viewings are arranged by appointment.

If you are an artist and would like us to represent you contact us.

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