Abstract Art Greenwich for sale

30th March 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Well established Artists

Gulshan Hossein, Bangladesh b.1962- "Monsoon Rain

We are a new Art Dealer focused on providing value for money for those who share our passion for Abstract Art.

Our focus is not to discover the next big thing in contemporary art but we tend to simply focus on abstract oil paintings, ranging from early 20th century to contemporary art.

We tend to focus on well established artists who hay have fallen out of favor with the establishment. We think some of our paintings will become the antiques of tomorrow and represent exceptional value for money.

If we like it we will sell it…

We find many art galleys to be rather intimidating, we are based in Greenwich London and are more than happy to pop over to your home or office to show you any of our paintings, as much as we love the internet it’s very difficult to appreciate a good painting online or in print, you really need to amerce yourself in it. If you prefer you can pop over to our home based gallery, why not we have tea and coffee waiting for you in a totally informal environment.