Amin Saleem – Social Hypocrisy

17th November 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Up & Coming Artists

Amin Saleem - Social Hypocrisy

Amin Saleem is a Dutch Pakistani born in Lahore Pakistan, he moved to the UK when he was 7. Amin brings a unique perspective of merging East/West culture and in this work, he has been painting over the last 30 years. He has recently decided to commit to art and has a desire to use art to enhance better understanding between the Muslim world and the west.

He uses a tremendous amount of old paint on canvas that is very difficult to appreciate in a photo. His work has become more and more politically focused over the years.

This painting (121 x 152 cm) was painted during the London 2012 Olympics highlighting the hypocrisy of world attention and focus on the London “games” while blood was being split around the world in conflicts specifically in the middle east and Pakistan.

Social Hypocrisy 2

Social Hypocrisy 3

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